There are opportunities for presentations during the afternoon on topics around the use of OpenStack in scientific domains.

All talks would be in English.

The deadline for talk submission is February 28th 2019.

To submit an abstract, the high level process is as follows with detailed explanation below.

The conference organisers will contact the selected speakers following the deadline.

Detailed Steps

Open the Conference web site

Open the page at

Call for abstracts

Select the 'submit new abstract' button.

Log In to the CERN Single Sign On

A login screen will appear.

CERN single sign on

For those with Google, Facebook or similar accounts, proceed via the panel below

Social login

Selecting 'Facebook, Google, Live, etc.' will allow selection of your preferred authentication.

Social selector

Proceed with your social credentials and this will complete with the form to enter your abstract.

Enter Abstract

For the author, the 'Enter manually' option allows you to specify the details of who will present but you would also need to select 'Speaker' next to the name.

No Social Account?

If you do not have a social account, there are some other possibilities

  • If you are working for an academic or research organisation which is part of the EduGain federation, you can log in using these credentials with the panel at "Sign in with your organization or institution account"
  • You could alternatively register a CERN 'lightweight' account for the purposes of registration. Details are available on the external account registration page.